Introducing Torrow
Torrow is an app for building a community, doing business, lead projects and make family plans.
Overview of the key features
Navigate the website or install the mobile application
Main Functions
Synthesize relationships between information for ease of further use
Work with information on your own or as a group
Sign up for services and create yours with ease
Sign up for Services
General Schedule
Family plans, professional duties, and more in a single schedule
Business Solutions
Content sales via subscription, request collection, service registration, etc.
Organize events, including events with limited seating or space
Many convenient and popular payment options
All required site functionality in the app
Create a service calendar depending on employee availability
Ability to obtain comments or ratings
Introduce yourself or business, use business cards to do different things
Business cards
Business cards of others and organizations that can substitute a mini-site
Elements of the app
All your plan for the day, along with your activities and those of third parties
Store any information in any form in a structured manner
Create your schedules and save those of third parties
Subscribe quickly for services and easily create your own
Additional Features
Используйте Torrow для различных целей и успевайте больше за то же время
Smart Searches
Rapidly find the information you need by using words, filters, categories, and hashtags.
Nesting elements within each other
You create a structured storage of information by nesting the elements into each other.
You can configure reminders for any item (event, note, contact, etc.) with individual settings.
Information Sharing
Share information within the application and with a link via messengers or through a QR code.
Access from different devices
Use Torrow on different devices and platforms (iOS, Android, website). The data sync instantaneously.
Keeping track of your time
Your schedule shows your spare and busy time. Keep your schedule free of duplication.
Individual Settings
Используйте Torrow для различных целей и успевайте больше за то же время
Use multiple business cards at the same time — you don't need multiple accounts and phone numbers to transition from a business to a personal life.
Business Cards
Flexible setup for visibility of any item. Access to information can be granted to all users, to a limited number of persons, or retained by you alone.
Access to the Information
You can limit the number of participants in an event, make it private (invitation-only), assign an artist, and allow participants to participate.
Event Participation Format
You can assign an owner, administrator, and editor for any item. Advanced rights will be available to them to work with that element. Whereas, the regular subscribers will remain readers.
Editing Rights
Maximizing customization for you and your tasks is Torrow's top priority
Contact Us
If you have any questions or would like to connect a business, please leave an email, and we will get back to you.
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