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A unique service for organizing and conducting events from A to Z
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Who is suitable for Torrow Organizer
The service will help to organize any events
Implementation stories
Torrow Organizer solves a variety of tasks
Preparation of the event
All stages of preparation, including work with the team
Complete information about the event for visitors
Internal CRM and ticket sales
Placement of widgets on various sites
Schedule and registration
Organizational workspace
Running the event
A stress-free event with everything you need in one place
sale of additional services and goods
electronic business cards and easy exchange of them
keeping media files and documents at your fingertips
reminders and notifications for participants and the team
reviews, ratings reports and statistics
Test the event booking widget
One of the options to use the full version of the widget, available schedule and recording of individual events in one window
Unique service for unique events
Unique service for unique events
Widgets for websites, VKontakte, Yandex.Maps
Working with a team and participants on the same platform
Requesting Confirmation of Participation
Integrations with external CRM
Resale of services and goods
Torrow Organizer x Big Conference
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Organizing and running an event without fails, reducing costs and increasing profits is no longer a dream.
Frequently Asked Questions
Torrow Organizer is a Russian service?
Yes, Torrow Technologies is a Russian company based in St. Petersburg. Our activities, products and services are beyond political influence. We continue to work to provide the best IT solutions for your business.
What do I have to do?
Fill out an application, try to describe your event and service requirements in as much detail as possible. We'll review your application and make a proposal. Then we'll help you and your team to get used to it, so you can get the most out of Torrow Organizer service.
I'm not sure I need that much functionality. What to do?
If you only need to register for small events (lectures, master classes), check out our Torrow Booking service.
I have an offer of mutually beneficial cooperation, where can I send it?
We are always looking for new partners. Email us at Info@torrowtech.com with the subject line "Collaboration with Torrow", we will definitely answer you.
Where can I find out more or ask a question?
Request a free consultation by chatting with us or using the "Apply to Expert" button.
More opportunities with Torrow
More opportunities with Torrow
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