Torrow for apartment complexes
A cloud-based service for organizing and maintaining a community of apartment complexes
Organizing the community of the JCC
Torrow will bring all residents together and help form a real community.
Professional Community of Neighbors
Providing your services to your neighbors (dog walking, babysitting, repairs, etc.) and finding the right professionals among your tenants
Honest Evaluations
Ability to write a review and rate local services and local establishments
Useful and relevant infofield
Exchange of information (contacts, notes, etc.) between residents without hundreds of messages in chat rooms
Several calendars
Schedule of community and CC events, the ability to keep personal and work calendars in one place
Value for the residents of the housing estate

Convenient access to information from a cell phone by QR-code and geolocation, online registration and service acceleration


Contacts, schedule of events, up-to-date reviews, up-to-date information about services and times, etc.

Solving personal problems

Personal plans, storage of notes, contacts, recording of local business services

Convenient interaction
Electronic interaction with MCs and local businesses - submitting applications and orders online
Torrow's functions for
management company
Convenience and speed of interaction for all participants in the process
Online Applications and Registration for AC Services
Calling masters, submitting information about meters, applications for service (taking into account the schedules of performers, etc.)
Internal CRM and contacts
Database of tenants with a quick search, storage of all contacts and information about debts in one place
Online rental of LCD resources
As well as automatic accounting of reservations (advertising media, commercial space, etc.)
AC events schedule
Schedule of events, notices to all residents, requests and confirmation of participation in meetings
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