for tourism
Platform for the preparation and accompaniment of leisure tourists
Increase in tour operator income
Torrow opens up opportunities for profit growth and cost reduction.
  • 5% more tourists
    Involvement of tourists in detailed vacation planning already at the stage of selecting a tour
  • 10-15% more
    revenue from excursions
    Active exchange of feedback on vacations and excursions from vacationing tourists
  • 20% fewer hotel guides
    Reducing the burden
    on hotel guides
Mobile app for tourists
Access to all the information you need for your vacation (even without the Internet)
Rules of residence, a memo to stay in the country, embassies, insurance company, the hotel schedule of events, schedule of excursions, additional services of the tour operator, contacts of local businesses, etc.

Electronic interaction

with hotel guides and tour operator departments

Guide contacts, applications and appeals, record for excursions and individual events, guide's free time schedule.
Feedback from hotel guests
and excursion participants
Relevant feedback is here and now: on the way back from the tour or while waiting for the plane.

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