Your source of income
On the Torrow platform
Affiliate program for website developers, business process automation specialists
and business consultants.
For partners
We offer Partners
Free technical advice on configuring the Torrow platform or integrating it with other systems.
Placement on the site in the Torrow partner directory, where customers can find you and use your services.
Free applications from our clients for your services.
Free promotion as part of marketing activities.
20% of the purchase of licenses by attracted customers for one year.
Educational trainings and information support.
Payment for your work you agree directly with the client.
How to become a Partner
Format your Partner's business card as required.
Sign up for the Torrow app.
Read the offer agreement to join the Partner Program
and submit an application to join.
After submitting an application, you will be contacted by a personal manager to clarify the information.
In the application you will find a certification task on the Torrow platform.
Сomplete the certification task and send the results to for verification.
After checking the results of the certification task, you will receive the status of Partner.
Earn with Torrow and increase your affiliate status.
Website development
Implementation of CRM
Consulting on business processes
Partner specialization
In order to easily find a suitable partner, the following Partner specializations are introduced
Partner statuses
  • Bronze status
    The term of the partnership is less than 6 months or less than 3 clients have been attracted.
  • Silver status
    Attracted more than 3 clients and the duration of the partnership is more than 6 months.
  • Gold status
    Attracted more than 10 clients and partnership term of more than 1 year, at least 2 webinars a year on the use of Torrow platform, positive feedback from clients, increased percentage of license purchases.