Feedback form with time selection
Contact your potential customer at their convenience and increase your sales conversion rate by 80%

of using the widget
  • The time zone is taken into account,
    the visitor's preferred time of day
  • The visitor is ready to communicate,
    increased brand loyalty
  • Reduces the likelihood of the manager
    losing the application
  • Automation of

    managers' work

  • Automatic distribution
    of requests
  • Requests are received taking into
    account staff schedules

How does it work?

The visitor finds the form on the website or opens the widget via a link.
The visitor fills in contact information, chooses a convenient time.

The system automatically organises the request queue.
Employees select requests from the queue
and contact the customers.
The supervisor monitors the number of requests in real time and their distribution over time.

Torrow Widget features

  • Setting up the contact information fields
    and appearance
  • Setting time ranges for
    the manager's call
  • Accounting for individual schedules 
    of managers' work
  • Setting a limit for the number
    of requests per time
  • Sending reminders about
    upcoming communication
  • Reports on requests and
    consultants' workload
  • Automatic queuing of requests
    based on time zones
  • Integration with CRM systems 
    to record requests and leads
Request a consultation and check the widget's performance
The widget can be styled to match your website
Basic functionality required for familiarization
Start small,
Torrow will support you
Any business
can be modern
Torrow's capabilities
Number of requests per week
to 10
to 40
to 100
over 100
Customizable contact information form with additional fields
Time selection

Setting time ranges for selection

Number of individual manager schedules
to 3
to 10
over 10