Torrow Manual
Basic tips for getting started with the Torrow app.
Installing the app
Install the latest version of the app by downloading it from your smartphone's app store:
The size of the application is less than 15 MB.
You can also use the web version, it is available for PC and mobile devices, requires no installation or memory.
First Steps
Follow these simple steps to get comfortable with Torrow.
Fill in the business card data that you will need for further work in the application.
This is where your business cards are stored; once you register, you have two business cards by default. You can keep one of them or add up to 12 business cards for your different activities.
Click Profile
Profile and business cards
The phone number will be linked to your account and you can use it to sign in on any device.
Register by entering your phone number. You will need the code from the text message to log in.
You can also save other users' information to your Sections.
In Partitions, you can store any information you want by distributing it by topics, for example: Family, Work, Hobbies.
The main page contains Sections, as well as the Near You and Recommended selections.
For example, you can create a "Meeting Abstracts" note in the Work section and keep notes from each meeting in separate notes by date.
In Sections, you can create a personal repository of information by nesting items within each other to build meaningful connections and then searching quickly.
All elements are colored in the colors of your respective business cards for easy visual navigation.
Torrow elements are notes, calendars and events, contacts and services.
Elements of Torrow
Basic actions
To save another user's contact, go to it and open the menu, click "Save To". Next, select the appropriate Partition and, if necessary, its sub-item.
To find already registered users, click on the center button, Search, and select search by general data.
You can import contacts from your phonebook and then send the owner of that particular number an invitation to Torrow.
Adding contacts
Choose an alternative method, a link or text, then send via messenger or email.
Press "QR-code" and show it from the phone screen or send it via messenger or mail.
Select a user from your contacts in Torrow.
To share an item, go to it and open the menu and click "Share".
Information exchange
To do this, open "General Settings" in your business card and select "Schedule Visibility".
You can adjust the visibility of your schedule for different users.
At Torrow, you can combine your professional and personal life, and your schedule will take into account your free and busy time.
General schedule
To do this, open "General Settings" in the desired item and select the "Accessibility Type" item.
You can work with your elements personally, make them completely open to all or define the circle of people who can see, edit and save them.
Access and editing rights
Recommendations for business
Fill it with information that might interest your customers: contacts, answers to questions, photos, etc.
Create a separate business card for your business.
Business card
— limit the number of clients per session (for example, in a group training session).
— сreate a schedule of services (e.g., guided tours);
— arrange an appointment for a time or session (e.g., a repairman's call or a massage session);
Choose a suitable format for the service, upload a photo and description. You can also:
You can also arrange to sell content by subscription, collect applications, and rent space or equipment.
— select the appropriate payment method.
— indicate prices and discounts;
— upload photos and descriptions of items;
— think of a directory and create it in Resources;
To sell products or educational courses, set up an online store in Torrow:
You can also set up analytics tools from Yandex and Google, as well as automatically generate reports right in the app.
— print the QR code or place it on your promotional materials.
— add links to services or products to your ads;
— share your business card on social networks;
Invite your customers to Torrow:
Helpful Links
Test services of various kinds that you can watch and click through.
Stories about different ways Torrow can be used in life and business.
A step-by-step guide for setting up Torrow yourself.